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Lo Fi Art

Lo-fi art is closely linked with Lo-fi music. Lo-fi stands for Low Fidelity, which means the sound quality (fidelity) of the recording contains “flaws” such as background noises and distortions. It has a long history and recognized as a style of pop music.

Today, it’s mostly associated with relaxing or chill music. If you search Lo-fi, you’ll see it’s often associated with the words “hip hop,” “chill beats” and “music for studying.”

As an art form closely connected to Lo-fi music, Lo-fi art also shares its qualities. Relaxing modern picture + Lo-fi color palette are what makes Lo-fi art, Lo-fi.

If you prefer to watch video instead of reading, check this one out!



Activate the sound for a better experience.  ⇑⇑⇑

Color pallete

The colors in Lo-fi art are colors you can find in the sky during dawn and dusk.

The palette consists of muted orange highlight, red to purple main colors and blue shading.

I like using light orange for highlight, but some artists steer away from it and focus only on purple shades.

Yellow, cyan, green, white and any shades of gray are all colors to avoid in Lo-fi art.

This is the base palette I used.


Procreate is an incredibly powerful app that is perfect for beginners and professionals alike. This application for iPad has helped me lose my fear of drawing and creating in a more fluid way and has given me the confidence to get into a world that for years I thought was only for great illustrators.

Below are the three steps I followed to create the illustration that accompanies the video above.

Take a picture of myself working.

Draw the lines

Digitally paint